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Radha Krishna Gouriya Mandir (RKGM) is endeavouring to provide a Vedic Spiritual Platform to serve the devotional, ritual and cultural needs of the increasing Hindu community in the greater Sydney region.

A Charitable Organisation

RKGM is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) as a non-​profit charitable organisation.

The objectives of RKGM are:
(1) To Establish a Vedic Spiritual Centre:

Establish and maintain a Vedic temple and spiritual centre in greater Sydney region to meet the religious and spiritual needs of increasing Sanatan (Hindu) population in New South Wales and surrounding regions. The centre will operate in accordance with the principles of Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) and spiritual practices and values of Gouriya Baishnaba tradition (i.e. teachings of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu – to distribute love of Godhead to everyone).

(2) To Provide Facilities for Religious, Cultural and Ritual Needs:

Provide a platform and spiritual venue for religious and cultural activities, where community people can come together in a cordial and welcoming environment and

engage in spiritual practices; worship deities and offer prayers

sing devotional bhajans and engage in devotional cultural practices

participate in Harinam Sankirtan (i.e. congregational chanting of the holy names of Lord Krishna)

attend spiritual education classes, devotional workshops, and discussion groups

perform rituals and purification ceremonies on special occasions

in accordance with Sanatan Dharma and Gouriya Baishnaba tradition and customs.

(3) To Celebrate Religious Festivals

Organise religious programs and celebrate religious festivals in accordance with Gouriya Baishnaba tradition and customs.

(4) To Provide a Cultural Centre:

RKGM is a Vedic cultural centre. It is promoting and will continue to promote Caitanya Culture and Vedic values among the members of community. It strives to bring community members together so that people can interact with each other, engage in Harinam Kirtan, devotional music, devotional dance and Vedic cultural practices.

(5) To Establish a Vedic Educational Centre:

Promote Vedic education by establishing a Vedic Education Centre with a Vedic Library – to conduct spiritual education classes, run religious courses, seminars and workshops. Once established, the centre will provide education facilities and opportunities for community members, children and young generation to study, learn, understand and appreciate the teachings, philosophy, history and culture of Sanatan Dharma including the ancient Vedic scriptures such as Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagbatam, Sri Caitanya Caritamrita, Mahabharat and Ramayan. The plan is to gradually expand the centre’s education facilities by providing courses/classes on deity worship, arati, bhajans, prayers, japa-meditation, devotional music, dance, language and so on.

(6) To Promote Sanatan Dharma:

Promote an understanding of the teachings, philosophy and culture of Gouriya Baishnabism and Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism).

(7) To Promote Spiritual and Social Wellbeing:

Support people who desire to seek the sacred meaning and purpose of human life; and achieve inner peace and happiness through transcendental practices and devotional services; and thus, promote the spiritual and social wellbeing of community people.

(8) To Provide Spiritual Counselling:

Provide spiritual counselling and moral support to community members, who need and seek spiritual guidance, to overcome difficulties in his/her life.

(9) To Promote Peace and Harmony:

Promote tolerance, non-violence, peace and harmony in the community and a no-hatred culture.

(10) To foster inter-religious harmony:

Mutual understanding and respect for religious views of others and promote universal brotherhood.

RKGM Management Committee is seeking community support to achieve the above objectives.

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Our Teachers

Amanda Green

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Kathryn Adler

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Tina Muirhead

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